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Piles and piles of CDs..records...tapes. Including titles like "Billboard Top Rock'n'Roll Hits..." by nobody in particular. "Hey, where was that one we had by ...? I know we had it on one of these CDs around here somewhere..."

Objective:Spend less time looking for music and more time enjoying it.


Whether you make a living as a DJ or just want the fastest possible way to find music, VisiTrax is designed for you.


VisiTrax has the following key features:


Simple browsing and data entry including automatic CD title lookups via
Integrates with Winamp v5 to organize and play your MP3 and other audio files.        
Fast, convenient track-oriented data lookup. You'll see all your tracks, sorted the way you want, right from the start!
Virtually instantaneous filtering by track characteristics (artist, title, category, time, year, media format, etc.).
Intuitive volume-oriented data entry, with track-specific artists, years, and categories.
No preset lists of categories or media formats use any names you want.        
Efficient relational database engine built in, with fully automatic list management.        
Flexible, professional-appearing data printouts, with print preview.
Printable playlists can be extracted from your library quickly and easily, complete with elapsed time information.
Supports use of SureThing CD Labeler for printing CD labels and jewel case inserts.
Supports quick data export to and on-line services.
Multi-level undelete. Easily recover accidentally deleted track or volume records.
Convenient on-line Help. If you need specific help on any VisiTrax feature, just press the F1 key.


If you're just getting started with VisiTrax, please see Library Concepts and Overview.


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