Getting Started
Installation and Configuration
VisiTrax Registration
Entering Your Registration Data
Backup and Migration
Uninstalling VisiTrax
Product Support
Using VisiTrax
Library Concepts and Overview
Tracks View
Volumes View
Volume Contents View
Playlist View
CD Player View
What is freedb?
MP3 and Other Audio Files
Creating a New Library
Opening an Existing Library
Adding a New Volume
Adding New Tracks
Updating a Volume
Updating a Track
Delete and Undelete
Saving Your Changes
Merging Library Files
Supported Database File Formats
Copy and Paste
Exporting and Importing Data
Exporting Track Lists
Exporting Volume Lists
Creating Cross-References
Checking for Updates
Viewing Database Statistics
Exiting from VisiTrax
VisiTrax Display Options
View Options and Customization
Changing Which Columns You See
Fonts, Colors, and Grid Lines
Starting View
General Preferences
Printing with VisiTrax
Printing and Print Preview
Printing CD Labels
End-User License Agreement

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